Plesk WordPress Toolkit Course – Part 5: Auto-Provisioning [Video]

Plesk is available in Cloud Server Plesk.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

And here we are – the final installment of the Plesk WordPress Toolkit  – Video Series. By now, you know how to get started and run your site using our all-in-one WordPress Toolkit. You can even make your life easier with automations. And you can grow your business with new features that you can develop in a staging environment. The last step is a 1-minute clip on automatic provisioning.

If you’re a pro on this already, feel free to skip to our full course and get certified by hitting the button below. Or browse even more free Plesk courses in the Plesk University Catalogue.

Auto-Provisioning with the Plesk WordPress Toolkit

The new version of the Plesk WordPress Toolkit simplifies how you sell your WordPress-based websites. All this thanks to auto-provisioning with the available plugin packs. See how to apply this to your websites in under 2 minutes by watching the video below. 

Video: 1:21 minutes

What’s going on in this video?We’re demonstrating how you go about adding plugins to do your provisioning. Here’s to shaving your work time from weeks and sometimes months, to hours or even minutes. 

1. Go to WordPress > Sets and create a new set, for example, for WordPress-based online stores.
2. Add e-commerce plugins to the set. You can also add themes, but we won’t get into that now – it’s up to you or the site owner.
3. Create a new service plan in Plesk, which you’ll use to provision WordPress-based online stores for your customers.
4. On Additional Services tab of the service plan, select “Install WordPress with E-Commerce pack”.
5. All subscriptions created with this service plan will have WordPress and e-commerce plugins pre-installed.

That’s it – you’re done! You’re now the WordPress Toolkit Pro. Seal the deal by completing our WordPress Toolkit Course and get your Plesk University certificate to prove your knowledge to the world. Then, let’s start discovering the heights that you and your business can go to with the WordPress Toolkit.
Plesk is available in Cloud Server Plesk.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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